<transcy>Better to wear &quot;again&quot; instead of &quot;new&quot;!</transcy>

a contribution by Daniel Bayen

DIMENSIONS, DIMENSIONS, DIMENSIONS! - According to this principle, cheap (online) department stores such as "Primark" or "Shein" work. It is precisely this mass that determines the cheap price offered by the same "brands". Regardless of quality or the environment.

As the manager of a small second-hand clothing business, I don't quite get it. I've seen it up close. Thousands upon thousands of TONS of second hand clothing distributed in sorting plants across Europe. Much of this clothing remains unsaleable, is shredded or thrown away.

Every year in Germany there are about ONE MILLION TONS of clothing that is thrown away. Most of the clothing is still wearable, but no longer "fashionable" for the owner or simply no longer fits. That is 12 kilograms of clothing per person per year that are thrown away.

For me, however, the problem is not entirely about throwing it away. This is natural. You don't need or want something anymore and it goes away. No problem. The problem lies in recycling. There should be a lot more of it! But why doesn't that happen? One would think that used clothing has many advantages for consumers and the environment: Less or no water and CO2 consumption, better prices, unique clothing and higher quality - what has lasted for 30 years will last for 30 more years.

The answer is easy! You, the consumers, are being ripped off. Harsh word and many don't like to hear it, but it is. You're being ripped off. There used to be a new fashion, a new trend every decade. Then every year, then every season and finally every month or even every week. New, "fake" trends mean that you no longer feel comfortable with what you bought 2 years ago.

So: stop the "new madness"! Don't let yourself be fooled every month or every year. Buy what you like and try it out with used clothes.

Apart from underwear and shoes, I haven't worn any new clothes for over 4 years. Was it hard No! On the contrary: every time it was a really exciting and money-saving treasure hunt, during which I got to know a lot of interesting shops and people.

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