<transcy>Only an Idiot would Buy a New Sweatshirt</transcy>

Contribution by Daniel Bayen

The title in English, that's on purpose. Not because I want to be cool, but because it is important to me not to hurt anyone. But it's true: buying a new sweater is not a sign of intelligence. Especially not in the 21st century.

Why sweaters ?: Not just sweaters, of course. Trousers, tshirts and jackets should also not be bought new during this period.

And why not new ?: On the one hand, you can ruin your wallet, on the other hand, you destroy the environment that affects us all. Every sweater that you buy in bulk in a store loses value immediately and has consumed thousands of liters of water and a significant amount of CO2.

Because of their thickness, sweaters in particular do not break as quickly as, for example, tshirts or jeans, which can often be exposed to a lot of stress. As a result, there are really a lot of extremely well-preserved sweaters from the last 50 years of over-produced clothing.

Sure, manufacturers and brands benefit from new clothing, but it harms consumers, society and nature every time new clothing is bought.

So please:

I'm sorry; YOU and your descendants do a favor and don't get in line! Go to second hand stores and charity department stores. Let yourself be surprised what you can find. Often there are also things that can be sold for more. That's how I started my business with STRIKE. In the meantime, it is my customers who find bargains with me, who can wear them and sell them on without suffering any financial damage.

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